Advertising Agency Bluart design was founded in 1999.

With our expertise in every field of advertising and the knowledge gained through years of practice, we can make your company stand out from the competition and gain greater customer confidence and significantly improve their income.


We deal every day creating visual identity for companies, products, brands and institutions. Expressive image of the company, consistent visual identity is now the necessity that has occurred and has been recognized in the market.

Packaging design & labels

We are a company with extensive experience in the field of design. We have been operating since 1999. Design labels, packaging, displays and cardboard packaging. For each project we can do visualization and Profi photo session. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our portfolio in this field.

Logotypes and visual identity

To design the logo and visual identification we take very seriously. We realize that this is very significant for advertising and remember the brand of the manufacturer.

Design of printed materials

Our aim next packaging design, to complement the offer of all possible projects that can advertise your company our client, we have extensive experience in the design of catalogs, brochures, logos, banners, rollups, billboards and stands at the fair.



Communication in the Internet space today is the foundation in reaching out to customers - both for beginners and experienced brands. The output medium is a website, which is why we offer the projects web pages. We strive to make each project was functional, aesthetic and unique.